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    Mac InDesign CS5.5: can someone please check if variables do not cause crash when copied




      There is a bug in Mac InDesign CS4 and CS5 which causes InDesign to crash if text containing a variable is copied. I am hoping this bug is fixed in CS5.5.


      So can someone with Mac CS5.5 try this for me and report back:


      1. create a variable, or use one already created by Adobe

      2. insert it into some text

      3. copy the text

      4a. try pasting it into another part of the same document

      4b. try pasting it into an external document, for example an Excel file.



      Hopefully it won't crash and you will be able to tell me whether it is fixed or not! If variables do not cause InDesign to crash when copied then it might be worthwhile for me to upgrade to CS5.5.