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    InDesign CS5 Freezes when opening up a new document.

    katietheturk Level 1

      Hi there. I've been having problems for well over five days to a week now with InDesign CS5.


      Both Photoshop and Illustrator work perfectly without any issues. But my InDesign will freeze every time I try to open any file. Or if I try to create a new document. If I don't try to open a file or make a new document, I can customize pallets, and edit other parts of the InDesign. It will then freeze up if I try to open up a new file document, or even when trying to open a document onto InDesign. Since the Deadly Beachball (loading cursor) comes up, I have to manually force quit it.


      • I've reinstalled the InDesign CS5 three times - all came out as the same outcome.
      • Adobe Support Advisor has not detected any problems with InDesign when I must force quit it.
      • I've updated all CS5 with the Application Manager.
      • Downloading CS.5 off the website and as well as Download Assistant has "failed to initalize" when trying to install it.


      Is there any reason why InDesign continuously freezes every time I try to open it? Help would be nice.