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    flash player for firefox


      t downloads fine,but when i try to install i get failed to initialize. WHY?

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          pwillener Level 8

          Try the installer in http://forums.adobe.com/thread/909550


          If you need more help, please specify your operating system & version & edition.

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            I have a similar problem regarding flash player (newest version - for firefox/safari on MacOS 10.6:

            It downloads fine, but when I try to open it, there is an error: Image could not be opened, Image data is damaged.

            I have downloaded it several times from the adobe downloads page, I have uninstalled the old version, I have deactivated popupblocker and sophos antivir-software and so on. I even tried to test / repair the image with the disk-utility-program of MacOS. The test said everything ok, but repairing it was not possible (not able to open again). curious file.

            I have the same problem with an other program that I downloaded recently, but old dmgs that I downloaded earlier are no problem.. Perhaps it's also a problem with my computer, but at first glance it seems to be a problem with the file. Perhaps could you also tell me the exact size the file should have? Or should I try an other, older version?

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              chris.campbell Adobe Employee


              Have you tried downloading from the link in Pat's post?  The DMG I downloaded is 14,779,119 bytes in size.



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                xylophonL Level 1

                Hi Chris,

                since I downloaded it from this site (and from the repaired link) i had no more problems. Great! I still don't understand the problem I had before but  I'm glad it's fixed (:

                Thanks a lot for your help!!