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    How do I learn to make truly interactive graphics (beginner)?

    CindyMotsinger Level 1

      Hello. I would appreciate some guidance to learn how to make truly interactive graphics for the web. I am a beginner, with most of my experience in print design. I am not an experienced high level coder, and the less I have to understand about coding, the better. I am seeking helpful tutorials, books, online courses, etc. that can help me on my way to learning these skills. I have done extensive searching on my own before this post.

      What I want to know is how to create interactive graphics that have several hotspots, timelines, etc. without loading seperate pages. I want people to be able to explore the content of my creation that will be just one page on a larger (wordpress) site. I am not sure if HTML5 with Adobe Edge can do this. I am not sure if HTML5 if the answer. Ideally, I want to use one thing that will work for most browsers and be intuitive for me (an avid Adobe product user) to make.

      I am willing to learn code if I just know where to go, and if it can be made easier to understand for the complex vision I have.

      Any ideas where to start? Thanks in advance.