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    Best format to save home videao in

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      I have a lot of home videos that I would like to move to DVD in the hopes that they will last longer. All I want to do is move them from video tape to a DVD without any editing etc. I want to preserve the raw video and then go back and edit at another time.


      I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this while loosing the least amount of quality.


      I have a Sony Digital8 DigitalHandycam. Output options from the camera are DV In/Out and S video



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          Due to the spatial limitations of DVD, even DVD-9's, I would look into external HDD's, and just Capture the files (if mini-DV tape), and then Copy the DV-AVI's (if SD material) to the external.


          I archive much of my video, and also most of my Projects, when done, to a series of 1.5 TB FW-800 externals. Besides offering the higher capacity, the FW-800 connection is fast enough for me to actually edit to/from. I set the drive letter for each in the OS of any computer, where they might be used, and then mark each external with that drive letter. As my workstation has a lot of HDD's and multi-drives, I just started with Z:\, and worked backward.


          The DV-AVI is very slightly compressed, but is still ~ 13GB / hour of runtime - obviously larger, than even a DVD-9. If you want to go to optical media, then I would suggest going with BD-Data, and using a program, like the free ImgBurn to do the actual burning. Note: it will not allow multi-session, so you would Capture the tapes, then arrange the files into folders, for the approximate capacity of the BD, before beginning a burn.


          Good luck,



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            I am assuming that FW-800 is a firewire connection? I have an HP Z200 workstation and an external drive enclosure. I have been using 80GB 7200rpm SATA drives in this enclosure to back up photos and files. The drive enclosure has an eSATA plug and the cable adapts to a USB plug to plug into the USB port on my workstation.


            Is a 7200rpm drive and a USB connection fast enough to edit to/from?  My workstation does not have firewire or an eSATA connection, as far as I can tell.