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      My name is Simone Pascucci, i'm heading a microcompany started about three years ago and since then we have been heavily investing in the flex/blades stack. We are currently 3 programmers and a couple of freelancer designers working on the development of a operational system making use of the blazeds server as server side infrastructure.

      After the recent announcement of adobe about dropping support of flash player on mobile devices, with a certain fear we are reading the follow up comments of adobe representatives, especially the article at this link http://blogs.adobe.com/flex/2011/11/your-questions-about-flex.html.

      As flex is the only way to access certain blazeds services, we are currently asking ourself what will be the future of our system, on which we are currently investing much resources to keep the development on.

      Expecially about blazeds, we would to ask what is the current plan of adobe about the product. Since apache foundation exited the java commite, i have been frequently looking for clarifications about the future of java, the apache products based on this language, and also of course blazeds which depends on them.

      I feel that our company has come to a milestone point where we need to decide to start migrating our system to other frameworks, for that reason i would like to know which is your long term plan about the future of your java based blazeds server, expecially relating to adobe suggesting to pass to html5 for enterprise development.

      Thank you,

      Simone Pascucci

      CTO at Karsim IT Solutions