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    Premiere Elements 10 (Windows): new editing presets for 1080p60/50, burn Bluray/AVCHD at 24p

    gvimuser Level 1

      Hello, all!


      I've created a *user-patch* for Windows version of PRE10 (Adobe Premiere Elements 10). It adds the following new features, which were are available in a standard installation of PRE10:


      (1)    Editing-presets for 1920x1080p50 and 1920x1080p60 video projects

                (For Panasonic, JVC, and Sony AVCHD2 camcorders)


      (2)    burn *native 24p* video onto Bluray-disc and AVCHD-disc

      PRE10's default disc-burning presets only output interlaced-video (1920x1080i30), which is perfectly fine for source-footage that is also interlaced. But for progressive (24p) projects, the result is suboptimal.


      Now, you can burn native 24p video onto Bluray-disc (or AVCHD disc.)  No need to go through a 2-step process and a third-party authoring program.



      (3)    Editing-presets for HDV progressive: 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p30



      (4)     MPEG-4 file share preset for outputing *.MP4 files at 1920x1080p50, 1920x1080p60


      Other general improvements include:


      (5)     Editing-preset for 5.1-audio AVCHD Lite 720p50 and 720p60

      Editing-preset for 5.1-audio AVCHD 1440x1080p24 and 1920x1080p24


      (6)     DVD, AVCHD, and Bluray disc burning with higher-quality (448Kbps) stereo-audio

      All of the default disc-burning profiles are now now available with Dolby 448Kbps stereo.




      The user-patch comes in a *.zip file.  So you'll need to be comfortable with "unzipping" files into the installation-directory of PRE10.  And you will need Administrator privileges on your PC.  Detailed instructions are in the readme file.


      • The user-patch does not overwrite/replace any of the original files from your PRE10 installation.
      • It adds a bunch of XML files to multiple "preset/" subdirectories.
      • After installation, you still have access to all of the default presets that came with PRE10. (Nothing is lost/removed.)





          Premiere Elements 10 presets v1.0 (Windows): premiere10_themissing_presets_10.zip

      https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B96CRWkNxmWdNDM4NTY0ZDEtZmFlYS00MWE0LTk1ODUtYWUyYmJjZmYzZ jdi


      (For people with the old version of Premiere Elements)

      Premiere Elements 9 presets v1.0 (Windows): premiere9_presets_v100.zip

      https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B96CRWkNxmWdODIxNTg1OTQtZmZjNS00NzAxLWE0YmQtMjY0YTBkNTRjN mQ4

         ... did this one last year, but can't remember if I posted it.