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    How To Insert Page Numbers on Master Pages to be on top of Background

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      Hi All,

      I have added Page Numbers on Master Pages following the below method:- However, the numbers are only visible when the page background is empty, I have a few pages where image background are created, thus the numbers are no longer visible as it is hidden underneath the background. How do I send the number "front" to be visible? Any help and tips are grealty appreciated.


      Put Text Frame on Master Page.
      On a Master Page, place the type tool where you want the page number and draw a new text frame. 

      Add Preceding Text (if any).
      At the flashing insertion point type any text you want to precede the page number (or you can add it later). This might be a decorative dash or the word "page." 

      Insert Page Number Marker.
      Choose Layout > Insert Page Number (or Alt + Ctrl + N in Windows). A page number marker on a master page will display the master page prefix. 

      Format the Page Number.
      Format the paragraph and page number marker as necessary including adding additional text before or after the page number marker. You might surround the page number with decorative dashes or symbols, the word "page," the book title, or chapter and section headings.