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    Fonts after installing is still not recognized


      I am making an epub version of a book, originally done in PageMaker.  Missing fonts though I downloaded and installed are Zap


      Nevision Casual D

      Zapf Humanist 601 BT

      ITC Cheltenham BT


      How do I get this to be recognized.  Is this what the missing plug in error is telling me all about?


      I appreciate any help out there.




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Lots more information, please. OS? Version of ID?


          What error message do you see? If it's missing fonts, but you installed them, odds are good ID is looking for a different version of the font. Did you install from the same media as you had used for Pagemaker, or did you download new copies?


          Also, whenever converting to ID from Pagemaker (or Quark) it's a good idea to export to .idml (or .inx from CS4 or earlier), then open that to edit, rather than working withthe initial conversion. It helps clean up little problems that often crop up in conversions.