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    After Effects & Premiere - workflow




      I have asked this question in Premiere forum as well but I guess After Effects might be the appropriate forum for this question.


      I am editing a film in premiere CS 5 - the footage is RED. Motion Graphics and Compositors are using After Effects. Will Premiere be able to open After effects projects (with all effects and layers intact)? So I can do the final edit.


      Not very familiar with After Effects - so wondering if tracking, roto, masking, layering etc done in After Effects will be preserved when the After effects Project is opened in Premiere.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          If you have Production Premium or Master Collection, you may use Adobe Dynamic Link so as to either import clips from PrPro to AE or build your composition in AE from scratch and then import it into PrPro.


          Clips imported into AE from PrPro via Dynamic Links will be presented as layers.

          AE composition imporeted into PrPro via Dynamic Link will appear as a clip, not as a nested sequence (i.e. you won't be able to have access to AE layers, masks etc. directly within PrPro, but you'll be able to choose 'Edit Original' option so as to open edit that comp within AE at any time.


          See more help about Adobe Dynamic Link:

          1. http://help.adobe.com/en_US/aftereffects/cs/using/WS92A6319B-B1EB-4b49-A09A-9FFE83E6CD37.h tml

          2. http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premierepro/cs/using/WS318FB3AB-E1D1-40f7-9FD9-BB04A6F6A465.ht ml


          See also this thread in PrPro Forum - some useful points are discussed there.

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            renized Level 1

            Thanks - this is very helpful. I will appreciate some clarification with regards to the workflow. So the film is about an hour long and let's say I would break it into 10 different premiere projects so they have no issues loading files. When they create AE projects they will import these smaller premiere projects - would I then be importing the AE project (which has imported my premiere proiject) into my 1 hour premiere project? Thanks. Dez.

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              Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

              First and foremost, it's up to you how to organise your work with PrPro. Single PrPro project instead of several ones doesn't necessarily cause issues with loading files (e.g. my typical PrPro project may utilise up to 1000 footages - they are normally AVCHD, not RED though - and I've never faced up to loading files or conforming issues).


              However when you need to e.g. spread a job between colleagues, splitting work into several PrPro projects is obviously more convenient.


              Heavier PrPro project is also harder to chew for AE if you decide to import it into as a whole.


              You have two options to bring PrPro timeline into AE:

              1. Import PrPro project or a particular sequence via Import -> Adobe Premiere Project...

                 The drawbacks are:

                  - all PrPro project assets, including those you wouldn't use in AE, are imported into;

                  - some PrPro effects or/and transitions may not be translated;

              2. If you are on Production Premium or Master Collection, import PrPro sequence via Adobe Dynamic Link -> Import Premiere Pro Sequence...


              NOTE: After Effects can’t import a Premiere Pro project if one or more sequences in it are already dynamically linked to After Effects


              Secondly, you don't have to import PrPro project into AE as a whole. You may build AE composition from a certain clip or group of clips and then transfer it into PrPro.

              If you don't have Production Premium or Master Collection, you have to render it out and then import into PrPro as a footage.

              If you are on, you may use Adobe Dynamic Link. In that case any change you made in your AE comp will be automatically displayed in PrPro timeline.


              NOTE: Premiere Pro can’t import After Effects composition, which already contains other dynamic linkes


              Bear in mind the following:

              - when you import a group of clips into AE, some PrPro effects and/or transition may not be properly translated;

              - when you replace a clip or a group of clips with AE comp, you should take care of handles;

              - in CS5.5 irrespective of the dynamically linked comps complexity PrPro displays them yellow in the timeline, which may be misleading. So as to get smooth preview you need to choose 'Render Entire Work Area' option (not just 'Render Effects in Work Area'). If this option is grayed out, you may e.g. select any clip in the timeline and copy it into clipboard (Ctrl/Cmd+C) - access will be granted;

              - if rendering preview takes too long (e.g. more than several minutes, rather render lossless intermediate out of AE instead)

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                renized Level 1

                Thanks - this truly is very helpful. So I am editing in Premiere CS5 - the picture is not yet locked - but the Motion Graphics team needs to start their work while I continue editing. Since they will be doing effects and motion graphics for only a few shots - it doesn't make sense to have them load the full length premiere sequence and all video clips. Would it make sense for me to create shorter sequences for them with only the shots that they need?


                I would love to hear suggestions for the optimum workflow in this case. I am thinking, they import the shorter Premiere Sequence in AE via Dymnamic Link and send me final AE files. In that case, how can I :

                1) Bring the AE project file into my full length premiere sequences?

                2) apply editing I have done to shots which they have used to create the motion graphics?


                Looking forward to suggestions from this forum so I can nail down the workflow.




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                  Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                  You may simply send the Motion Graphics team the source footages they need to work with and then, when you get AE project(s) from them, import compositions from that(those) project(s) into PrPro project via Adobe Dynamic Link.


                  You may do some preparatory work to simplify your next life as well, e.g:

                  1. Create brand new PrPro project;

                  2. Make draft cuts, select a clip or a group of clips you want the Motion Graphics team would process and choose 'Replace With After Effects Composition' (take care of handles, bear in mind that not all effects and/or transitions may be translated properly);

                  3. Optionally give sensible names to both AE project(s) and composition(s) within that(those) AE project(s), as well as links to those comps within PrPro project;

                  4. Send your Motion Graphics team AE project(s) you built with the source footages that(those) project(s) use. When you get them back, just replace existing AE files with new ones - all the magic the Motion Graphic team got done will automatically appear in your PrPro project (assuming they based their work on your original comps and didn't destroy them).


                  Bear in mind, everything is up to you, and there is no one & only proper workflow...

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                    renized Level 1

                    Thanks. I am not sure of pros and cons of

                    (a) importing PrePro in AE vs importing AE comp into PrePro.


                    and hence unable to decide which way to go - any pointers on above would be great help.


                    How do you all deal with:

                    (b) when effects and/or transitions from PrePro to AE OR AE Comps to PrePro do not translate?


                    Since I am going to be making edits to the clips, while Motion Graphics team will be working on these sequences/clips (draft cut)

                    (c) what would be the efficient way to ensure my final edits are applied after I get their final AE (based on draft cut) file on my PrePro timeline?


                    My PrePro final timeline will have many sequences (some of these sequences would have clips the M Grpahics team have worked on).

                    I need to replace these sequences with AE comps. ).

                    (d) would I be able to bring in multiple PrePro projects or sequences with dynamic links to AE in PrePro?




                    (e) would I be able to bring in multiple AE comps which have imported different PrePro project files.


                    You have been a great help - I appreciate it. Information on above will help us finalize the workflow.