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    Text jumping around in InDesign CS5 attributed to Magic Mouse!


      I am a long time user of Adobe software (beginning with PageMaker) and have been using InDesign CS5 since shortly after it came out.


      Most of my work involves display ads and catalogues for sporting goods stores, so there is a 'ton' of image and text manipulation.


      About 6 weeks ago I started having this problem with text and images jumping around.  It was horrible!


      Anyway, long story short…it was my 'new' Magic Mouse which I purchased the end of Sept.  I went back to using my original wireless mouse and 'no more problems'!


      I went through a very long, drawn out process to get to the bottom of the problem.  Anyone experiencing this problem and using a Magic Mouse you might want to try going back to an older mouse.


      Good Luck!