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    Help with Adobe Content


      I have installed Adobe Premiere by purchasing it and downloading it from Adobe's web site.  I also downloaded all the content the same way, but everytime I start or go back to a project i get this message, "A reduced set of content (instant movie, themes, title and menu templates, etc.) has been installed".  And it ask if I want to install the full content by inserting DVD or down loading.  I have downloaded this , but how do I know if has fully installed or the content?  Do I just click do not show me this again?  I think I have it completely installed, but I am not 100% sure.  Can anyone help.  I am just trying to create some video slide showes, I am not an expeirce programmer.

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          nealeh Level 5

          Just downloading does not make them available. What you downloaded are executable files that will install the content.


          After downloading them you need to double-click each one to actually start the installation.


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            ArmandJT314 Level 1

            I did exactly that and it seemed to install probably, but I still receive the message.  Only thing I different was I downloaded the "Content All" exp. file.

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              holbrookp Level 1

              I experienced the same thing. I have been using the program only two or three weeks and have been having problems with Instantmovies and themes rendering with missing content, such as intro videos that show up in the thumbnail preview animations. That problem is still unsolved and Adobe tech support says that's how the videos are supposed to render. Anyway, I also had the content failing to stay installed. I would install the content, close the program, reload it and the content would be there an usable. I could also close down the computer, reboot, and reload Premiere Elements and the content would be installed. So the installation was stable. However, when I would leave the computer on for a few hours and return and reload Premiere Elements, the content would not be installed and I'd get a message asking if I wanted to download and install it!


              The files would be still there in their folders but the installation had vanished within the program.


              Since no one had used anything on the computer while it was sitting idle, I wondered what was going on. I realized that the only thing happening in the computer was that my computer maintenance program, System Mechanic Professional, was scanning and mistakenly identifying the registry entries for the content installation as errors and automatically deleting them. I turned off the automatic error correction, then when it reported errors after reinstalling the content once again, I used System Mechanic's option of seeing what errors it found and choosing to have it ignore that registry entry in future scans. After doing that, I get no more uninstallations of the content.


              Do you have a computer maintenance program running in the background?


              I thought by completely uninstalling Premiere Elements 10 and reinstalling it and the content, new registry entries (to replace those that had been deleted) would be entered and my current problem would be solved, too, but it hasn't worked.


              So I hope this helps you. And if anyone has any way to help with my problem, I have posted a separate thread about it a day or two ago. Please help!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Do you also get the "Reduced Content... " error message?


                If so, then it sounds like you did not install the additional Functional Content, and only have a "reduced set" of same.


                Good luck,



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                  holbrookp Level 1

                  Bill: Is that directed at me? If so, then no, I don't get a missing content error message. I let the installer install everything it had. Whether it did, I can't say, of course.


                  It's really disappointing because I love those Instantmovie themes but can't rely on them to do their job as they should.


                  Actually, only one rendering out of dozens I think I've done had the inserted message saying one of the content scenes was "offline". 


                  I wonder if the problem is a conflict between using the SD and HD content, though I haven't made any HD movies yet.


                  ArmandJT314: Sorry, I'm not trying to hijack your thread! But the problems are related.