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    regarding TOC

      Hi ,

      I am using the evaluation version of Robohelp 7. I am creating the TOC and some of the topics just dont get listed in the TOC, though they are in the topic list. So i have to drag and drop them in the TOC.

      I am using Vista, is it a vista thing or a bug in Robohelp.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          You can auto-create the TOC in which case you get the layout RH determines and then move things around OR you can manually create as you are doing.

          Neither method automatically adds new topics. How would RH know whether or not you want the topic in the TOC?

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            sagarsid Level 1
            I think i was not able to get my question clear.....

            When we add new topics to the project, they get listed in the topic list as well as in the TOC.

            But as i am adding some new topics, most of them are getting listed in the TOC, but it's skipping few and they are just listed in the topic list.

            I hope i have explained it a bit better this time.
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              Hi Varuna.

              If your focus is on the TOC, adding a topic adds it to the TOC where the cursor focus is. However if you add a topic when the focus is elsewhere (e.g. the topic list, pod, etc.) the topic will not be added to the TOC and you have to manually add it.