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    Background processing causing animation to stutter


      On click of a button I want to play an animation as well as call a webservice. Once the web service results have arrived and the animation has completed I want to push to the next view. This gives a perceived performance boost as user doesn't feel like he is waiting for the result.


      I've managed to do this using event listeners for the webservice result and effectend function for the animation.


      However, I noticed that the animation stutters in between i.e. perhaps when the webservice results have arrived. Is there anyway to prevent that stuttering?


      I did try suspendBackgroundProcessing but that didn't have any effect.

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          VivD Level 1

          With all the latest news on Flex I wonder if the main contributors on this forum will still respond to queries with the same earnestness.


          I started learning Flex just about a month or so ago and started building an app I was so excited about. I am certainly interested in finishing the app and perhaps do other apps on Flex too.


          Can someone just answer "No" if what I'm looking for in my question above is not possible.