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    Playback while minimized? And another question!

    77mrd Level 1

      Hi guys,


      Let me start by saying I have Premere Pro 5.5, 64bit windows 7 pro, 24gb ram, 3 hard drives(1tb each, 7200rpm), nvidia gtx 285, quad core i7.


      How can I set Premiere up for playback while I minimize the application and do web surfing. You may ask why I want this. It is because If I want to listen to the audio track while surfing the web, or I want to view it on my secondary monitor while also surfing the web, this would be ideal.


      Also, the second question: I made a new project and inserted a just one 30mb audio clip in the timeline. No video.  I hit the spacebar to play back and Premiere waits 2 seconds before playing it back. This is strange. It is small and my computer is extremely fast. I also have 3 hard drives. I put the file in each hard drive to see if it would change the lag, but it did not. It always waits 2 seconds before playback and I get impatient because that is too slow and laggy for me. So any thoughts on how to cure this? On the bottom right of my screen, there is almost no applications open. I closed down as many as I could and it still lags