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    3D Rotation


      I am trying to rotate a symbol about the y-axis, 45 degrees one direction, then back to center, then 45 degrees the other direction.  Seems like a relatively simple task, except here is what happens.


      Here is the object with no rotation:





      Here is the object rotated exactly 45 degrees:





      And here is the object roatated exactly -45 degrees:





      Anyone see a slight inconsistency here??  I need the object to rotate the same as it did the first time but in reverse, otherwise "45" and "-45" are generally worthless numbers to refer to...


      Is it something to do with the pivot point?  I made sure the registration point was in the center when I created the symbol.  It doesn't seem to be pivoting the object around the center though.  How do I rotate about the y-axis using a pivot point that is actually in the center and gives the same (but opposite) effect when rotating it one way versus the other?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          using actionscript you pivot about the registration point.  in the ide you're pivoting about that 3d-rotation symbol that's on your stage.


          because that symbol is in two different spots with your two rotations, your pivot point is changed.  to remedy, use the same pivot point.

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