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    PDF Not Formatting Properly From Internet Site


      I'm having a problem with a product I sell on the internet as a dowloadable pdf file.


      When working with the document on my desktop, everything formats perfectly and downloads to my hard drive from the web page as it should, and the pdf opens and reads as it should.


      However, when I do a test purchase via my payment processor (which is Clickbank.com), although the pdf downloads without error, there are sections of text missing from within the document.


      Messages also appear about not being able to access the embedded font and so on.


      I've tried reformatting the document in several of the most common fonts, including Arial, Verdana and Times New Roman (and spent hours and hours in the process), but each time I have the same problem. But, of course, each time different sections of text are missing. I've even tried creating a new document using Open Office instead of Microsoft Word. Again, the conversion on my desktop works perfectly, but when I download the document from the internet (from my purchase link in Clickbank), the text of the pdf shows up as small black blobs throughout.


      Nothing I've tried has worked and I'm really desparate to find a solution.


      Does anyone have any idea about what's causing the problem and how to solve it?


      I'd be really grateful for any help anyone can offer.


      Many thanks.


      Tony Dunne