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    Auto-analyze dead? (pre9)


      When I try to run auto-analyze on a clip, a box pops up saying " starting auto-analyze ...." and that's it. Nothing happens - left it for hours.
      It's not a resource issue - proccessor usage remains at under 10%, memory available 60%, 300gb of disc space available.

      I've tried different clips - same result.

      I'ts not a crash - cancel closes the box and everything else works.

      running on win 7.


      Am I doing something stupid?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you look at the clip in the Elements Organizer, does it have little Tag icon on it?


          If not, open the Organizer's Edit/Preferences/Auto Analyzer, select the settings and the try again.


          Although it could also have to do with the format of your video. Is this video from a camcorder? Video captured or downloaded by Premiere Elements from non-camcorder sources (such as from FRAPS or downloaded from YouTube) may not behave the same way as traditional camcorder video.

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            Nash_John Level 3

            As told by Steve please check your Auto Analyzer's preferences in Organizer and check that the clips are pre - analyzed or not.

            Also look that when you start Auto Analysis and the dialog box saying " starting auto-analyze ...." appears for a while, start your Task Manager(on WIN) or Acticity Monitor(on MAC) and go to list of running processes and look that the ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe has started or not.


            If it has not started go to your installed location



            and look that whether this directory contains ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe or not. It might be that this exe got removed by some mistake.

            If this exe is not there, please uninstall and reinstall.