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    PPro 5.5 and Sounddevices Pix 240


      Attempting to edit footage in PPro 5.5.2 shot on Sony F3 output to Sounddevices Pix240. Footage is 1080 23.98. Some clips ProRes and others ProRes HQ.


      In all cases, video imports without a problem. Audio is either dual mono or single mono, but in all cases, PPro imports only one track which it places on Audio 4. I cannot get any audio playback at all. Nothing in audio meters. No output to Kona 3G card. Nothing. This is footage from 2 different F3's with same Pix240 and happens with both cameras. This same QT will import into FCP 7 and FCP X and will playback audio both on computer and through SDI to Kona 3G.


      PPro is not showing any of the wonky gamma issues with ProRes that have plagued FCP 7. In one of the clips, I have a window completely blown out probably 109 at least. FCP 7 clips it at 100. PPro gives me the full range. So, I desperately want PPro to work for me.


      Any ideas?


      Ned Soltz

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          First, let's make sure that you understand how audio tracks work in Premiere Pro. Start by watching this short movie.


          After that, let us know if you're still having problems.

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            lasvideo Level 4

            Ned if you can send me a small clip I would be gald to test it on my system.

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              nsoltz Level 1

              Waveforms show flat. I can import other mono or stereo clips into PPro, allow the app to place them either in a mono or stereo track, and they then cam play. Only seems to be these Pix240 clips. And, as I said, these clips play fine in QT Player, FCP 7 and FCP X. Still have not tried MC 5.5



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                nsoltz Level 1

                If I open the QT in Adobe Audition, there is audio (and of course, a waveform). Definitely something with how PPro is seeing these files.


                Another testing update: No audio on my other system which is still at PPro 5.5.1. Audio is present in MediaComposer 5.5

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                  nsoltz Level 1

                  I seem to be answering own questions. This solution is courtesy of a colleague writer.


                  Created a 4-track sequence in FCP 7 and exported that as self-contained movie. Brought that .mov into PPro. PPro saw 4 mono tracks and audio was present. Now PremierePro was unable to play the clip without stuttering and stalling so that raises another issue. Certainly the machine specs can handle ProRes HQ-- 8 core MacPro, 16gb RAM, Quadro 4000, ATTO R680 driving 8 drive miniSAS array, Kona 3G (latest 9.1 software for Kona and CS5.5 as well as latest Kona firmware).




                  Here's the answer after a day of research


                  The original Pix240 firmware did indeed have issues with CS 5.5. The 1.02 firmware which actually was the shipping version fixed the issue. PPro 5.5.2 broke the fix. SD is aware and the fix will be released in the next firmware update, which is "soon."


                  Thanks to all who contributed to the thread. I'l post when the fix is released.