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    Premiere CS 5.5 won't see plug-ins

    Mark Ohlsen

      I've switch over from FCP and I'm having an issue installing a Premiere plug-in.

      When I use the installer I get this:  "no installations of premiere pro were found".


      I looked online to find where the plug-in folder would be and I got two different answers.


      Form Adobe I get..

      Any effect is available to Premiere Pro when its plug-in file is present in the common Plug-ins folder:

      • (Mac OS) /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/<version>/MediaCore


      This doesn't work.


      And from Digieffects I get:


      Copy the entire Digieffects plugin folder and its contents to the "Plug-ins" folder. To access this folder , go to the Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 application icon (located at Macintosh HD/Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CS3/Adobe Premiere Pro CS3), right click and highlight "Show Package Contents". This will open a folder called "Adobe Premiere Pro CS3". From here you will follow the path Adobe Premiere Pro CS3/Contents/Plug-ins/en_US where you will copy the entire Digieffects plugin folder and its contents to this folder.


      This desn't work either.


      So any advise would be much appreciated.


      Thank you.