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    Three monitors - two for Premiere, one as Reference, from Geforce GFX 570 - possible?

    sn0wctrl Level 1

      My new system for Prodcution Studio CS5.5 has a Geforce GTX570 graphics card to which I've attached my two monitors (via DVItoVGA convertors)


      I've read posts on this forum where people have mentioned adding in an extra graphcis card to drive a separate reference monitor


      My question is, given the Geforce GTX570 has a mini-HDMI port and a Displayport as well as the two DVIs that I'm using, do I need a separate extra graphics card to run a a separate reference monitor in additon to the two 'program' monitors I already have?  I want to run a HD1080 screen from the mini-HDMI port as a reference monitor... but I've been reading around and I can't work out if this is possible, or whether I will need the separate graphics card to do this


      A related issue - if I can't run the third monitor from the GTX570, can I use the on-motherboard monitor outputs instead of getting an additonal graphics card?  The motherboard in this syetm is an Asus P8 Z68-V Pro with a Core i7 2600K chip in, and has (unused) a DVI and a mini-HDMI port - might these do for the Reference monitor?


      Finally, I also want to be able to use the reference monitor in After Effects - presumably this will not be an issue - there's no separate setup / workaround / other complication in doing this


      Your comments appreciated - I'm sure there must be other people out there who've encountered these questions -  I'm just trying to get as fully in-the-picture as I can before spending cash