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    Issues with importing Canon 5D Mk II footage in AE CS5.5

    marian.ene Level 2

      Ever since I switched to CS 5.5, I noticed a huge increase in time when importing footage shot with Canon 5D Mk II.

      I did some tests and here are the results for importing the same set of files in CS5.5 and CS5 (times measured from the moment I drop the files into prj panel until the Importing selected items box disappears):

      CS5.5: 2m36s fastest up to 5m10s slowest

      CS5: 0m30s fastest to 0,33s slowest.

      As you can see, CS5 is up to 10 times faster at importing DSLR footage than CS5.5.

      Both versions of AE are installed on the same machine, I used the exact same set of files, and I shut down AE + deleted all Media Cache files between the tests.

      The suspects were either the Adobe QT Server or the QT importer plugin. I tried to replace the files in CS5.5 with the ones from CS5. Replacing the ImporterQuickTime.prm file (in (Media Core plug-ins)\Common) did nothing, and replacing the folder 32 (in Support Files) which contains Adobe QT32 Server.exe caused AE CS5.5 to hang at Initialising MediaCore.

      I have all the updates installed (AE version, so that's not the problem. I also played with QT's settings, and nothing changed.


      Now, does anybody else have these issues or I'm an isolated incident and I should get a good look at my config?

      When watching files in Media Cache Files folder getting created/increasing in size, I see that a very good chunk is spent on creating conformed audio, so this will get a feature request from me: an option in Preferences or at import time to NOT conform audio or even discard it completely, since I never needed the audio from the footage at all.


      P.S. importing RED files also seems a bit faster in CS5 than CS5.5 (18s vs 22s), but I didn't carry more tests, only once each. So I might be mistaken.