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    Conditional cross-references in InDesign?


      Hi folks,


      (We asked this question once before on the FrameMaker forums, and I'll try again here since we're now moving towards InDesign:)



      What we need is two types of crossreference formats - one for print, one for PDF/the web/any other hyperlinkable medium.


      We would like the crossrefs to appear as follows:



      [some arbitrary block of text] (see page xx)



      [some arbitrary block of text]


      The only solution we've been able to figure out is to actually create both a hyperlink AND a crossreference, and then conditionalize the crossreference (show in print, hide in PDF.)  But this feels unnecesarily complicated.

      Is there a cross-ref variable that stands for "just use the selected text?"  Or even "don't do anything at all?"  It seems both of these solutions would allow us to just build the links using crossreferences, rather than needing to build links via two different formats?