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    "Text Variables" are not properly displayed in Running Header's

    Text Variable

      I am doing a book project work. The "Text Variables" are not properly displayed in Running Header's.


      For Example : The Page layout is designed as 2 Columns. If the page is containing one category and

      completed First Column of next page. The other category is started in Second column of the next page.

      If there is no category heading in next page the Text Variable showing the Previous page category heading.

      But, if  the page contains any other category headings, it take's the category heading only, is not displaying

      the previous page category heading.


      Also, I want to add "continued" if the category heading is continued in next page.

      Kindly mention, there is any site's to develop this scripts.


      I have tried very much, but I have get no more ideas.


      Please notify me the script.