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    Animated gifs: How to transition (fade) 1 image over another

    onefiftymph Level 1

      Fireworks noob, trying to make an animated gif in CS4, reading/experimenting for hours, searching FW help documentation, Youtube tutes, Google - can't find how to pull off this basic fade.


      6 unique but same sz. jpgs in my .png (default FW worksheet doc), each a different "state" in the states palette. Got the basic timing down, all 6 pop up one after another, but I want transitions - #1 fades into #2, 2 into 3 etc. - possibly 3-4 step fade.




      Where are the other transitions/effects hidden?


      Doesn't FW have some kind of animation timeline feature where you can click through frame by frame?


      Ready to go back to Gifbuilder...



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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Gif animations are for poster-like images. They don't work successfully with JPEGs because the file size ends up enormously large. The best program to use for whast you want to do is Flash. That said, Fireworks has an animation wizard that will fade images for you. Select an image and choose Modify > Symbol > Convert to Symbol. A dialog box will pop up enabling you to choose which type of symbol you wish to create. Choose Animation. From there, just follow the wizard. To fade one image over the other, you'll need to convert the images to symbols and animate them on different states  (frames). Symbol 1 on state 1. Symbol 2 on state 10. Symbol 3 on state 20, for example.

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