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    Import Screen Stuck Loading!



      I am having an issue importing a video to edit in Adobe After Effects CS5.5 on my Macbook.  I make a new project and make a new comp, but when i go to file and select import a file, it brings up a screen that it normally would, and its like the Finder menu, and i have it selected under Photobooth so I can upload Photobooth window, and it begins to load, but then my computer says "Community Toolbar" (I have my computer set to read out things that need attention) and it is stuck loading, everything else works though but it doesn't let me do anything with the window, including quit it.  HELP!

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          No idea what you are trying to tell us. Your description sounds confusing. Screenshots perhaps? And if some sort of system extension is blocking file access, while not simply disabel it for the duration? This is by no means normal and definitely not related to AE. Seems more like whatever tool you are using has associated itself with specific file types...