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    Audio edits misaligned in export and nested sequences, OK otherwise




      CS5, Windows. 1080p25 timeline containing mainly Y210 video and WAV audio, with a few bits of MP3 audio. Problem exists on stereo WAV audio.


      When I play the timeline back, my edits sound fine. When I export the movie, or nest the sequence inside another, it's as if some of my audio edits have their in and out points minutely adjusted. Perhaps this also happens on other edits, perhaps it's only audible as a problem on some very critical cuts. The offset is maybe a frame, maybe less. On some audio I've done single-syllable cuts to kill an overemphasised sibilant or plosive, and I end up hearing that syllable twice, because somehow it's shifted the edit points of the clips by a frame or so.


      The most obviously problematic audio is dialogue with a lot of very small, sometimes sub-frame edits, done in "audio time units" mode as normal video time units didn't offer enough precision. Lots of very short audio dissolves to clean up the edges of these small cuts. Sometimes multiband dynamics on the small cuts (as a de-esser). I've tried removing the dynamics, no change. All the affected audio is 16-bit 48KHz stereo WAV, with "fill right" on it as it's voice over recorded on one track only.


      Is this any sort of known issue?