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    What does music_property do in XML?

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      I have just bought Flash Slideshow Maker (FSM) and already have Flash MX
      2004 Pro.

      With FSM it outputs a slideshow with either embedded images and audio, or
      you can control the images and music with an XML file.

      Another feature of FSM is the ability to create your own frames using either
      PNGs or another Flash Movie.

      We don't want the audio to loop, so we change the XML
      <music_property path="res/background.mp3" stream="true" loop="false"/>
      so that 'loop="false"'
      However we want people using the website to be able to replay the audio
      whenever they want. I want to use this framing functionality to add a play
      button to the frame SWF so that the audio can be played again if the person
      browsing wants to hear it again.

      My question is, how do I add some actionscript (or a play command) to the
      button so that it plays the audio? Unfortunately the path for the audio will
      be different for every page the FSM appears in.