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    DHTML drop-downs within DHTML drop-downs


      In my RH 7 HTML Help project, I have a number of procedures. They had huge scrolling monster topics, and some of the users know how to do some of it already but not other parts, so weI found a good solution. WeI thought.


      I have a bulleted list of tasks, and each is a DHTML drop-down with a set of numbered steps and screenshots. Works great. Then within the DHTML drop-down there are some links that open DHTML expanded in-line text or text-only DHTML drop-downs. This second level nesting is giving me problem. The links in the second level don't work. When I double-click them within the RoboHelp tool, they work fine. When the project is generated or when use the preview feature, they don't.


      Is there a way I can make this second level work predictably?