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    Export XHTML from indesign CS5

    iware Level 1

      Hi there, I was trying to automaticly export a selection (frame for example) of my indesign active document in CS5 into an HTML file. I did that with CS5.5 and i was able to do :


           activeDoc.pageItems.item(i).exportFile("HTML", htmlFile, false);  -> works perfectly in CS5.5 and it only export my selection in html with all the linked asset in a directory, as i want !


      But surprise ! in CS5 you don't have an HTML export option........you have a "export for Dreamwaver" option ! this is ok I mean whatever....but now how do i do that in my script ?


      I could use the menuActions to simulate the "export for dreamwaver" but the export options....i dont want the user to have to choose these options manually, it should be made automaticly. And it should also work for exporting a single fryame, not the whole document.


      The customer works on CS5 obviosuly don't want 5.5 for now


      TY for heling folks