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    Scaling and re-arranging photos


      I just started work at a local newspaper. My job is to upload the images in InDesign, rescale them and re-arrange to fit on the pages without leaving empty spaces. I get around a hundred pictures each time all with a different image size that I need to scale accordingly. Afterwards I need to arrange them all by height, so that I can group them (usually by threes) to insert on the page. My question is after I rescale them is there a way that Adobe InDesign can automatically re-arrange or sort them for example side-by-side according only to their height? This would save me about 40% of time. And if not is there another program I can transfer them after I scale them that can do this.

      Thank you for your time



      Martin, Naydenov  

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          Ten A Adobe Community Professional


          Try to run this from Indesign CS5 script panel.


          #targetengine session


          if (app.activeDocument.eventListeners.itemByName('placeEvent')!=null){



          var prf = [50, 50];


          var d = new Window ('dialog', 'input bounds size', [100,100,360,290]);

              d.mp = d.add('panel', [10,20,245,115], 'input radius and radian');

              d.mp.st1 = d.mp.add('statictext', [50,24,100,40], 'width = ');

              d.mp.et1 = d.mp.add('edittext', [110,20,170,40],prf[0], {multiline:false});

              d.mp.st2 = d.mp.add('statictext', [50,54,100,70], 'height = ');

              d.mp.et2 = d.mp.add('edittext', [110,50,170,70],prf[1], {multiline:false});

              d.bp = d.add('panel', [10,130,245,175], '');

              d.bp.submitBtn = d.bp.add('button', [20,10,100,25], 'apply', {name:'ok'});

              d.bp.stopBtn = d.bp.add('button', [120,10,200,25], 'stop', {name:'cancel'});

              d.bp.submitBtn.onClick = function (){

                      var wdt = d.mp.et1.text - 0;

                      var hgt = d.mp.et2.text - 0;


                          var retStr = wdt + ":" + hgt;



                      applyListener(wdt, hgt)};

              d.bp.stopBtn.onclick = function (){






          function applyListener(w,h){

              var listner = app.activeDocument.addEventListener (


                  function (ev){

                      var tg = ev.target;

                      var mybnds = tg.geometricBounds;

                      tg.geometricBounds = [mybnds[0],mybnds[1], mybnds[0]+h, mybnds[1]+w];

                      tg.fit (FitOptions.fillProportionally);

                      tg.fit (FitOptions.centerContent);


              listner.name = 'placeEvent';




          function removeListener(){


              alert ('place tweak removed.');




          Once running it, catch place event and images rectangles force to adjust preset width and height. If you select rectangle when placing image, It adjust fillPropotionally automatically.



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            ID_bg Level 1

            Hi Ten.

            Thanks for your help. But the script that you gave me didn't really help me the this situation. I will upload some pictures for what i have in mind


            Untitled 1.jpgUntitled 2.jpg


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              Ten A Adobe Community Professional

              OK, I wrote this one:


              var slct = app.activeDocument.selection;

              var myHeight =0, ht;

              var bnds = new Array();

              var pos = slct[0].geometricBounds[0];


              for (var i=0;i<slct.length;i++){

                  if (slct[i]!="[object Rectangle]") continue;

                  bnds = slct[i].geometricBounds;

                  ht = bnds[2] - bnds[0];

                  if (pos>bnds[0]) pos = bnds[0];

                  if (myHeight<ht) myHeight = ht;


              for (i=0;i<slct.length;i++){

                  if (slct[i]!="[object Rectangle]") continue;

                  slct[i].geometricBounds = [










              select horizontal objects and run it. adjust every selected items height and fit images.


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                ID_bg Level 1

                Hi Ten


                thanks for your efforts. The script you have written is great, I can use it for some jobs that i need to do. I am sorry if my english isn't perfect wen trying to eplain what exactly i need to ba able to automate. I have sent another exaple to show what i am trying to say.


                The very first row is how I placed the images on the page manual.

                The second row is what happens when I use the script that you gave me.

                The third row how I need the result to be. (All  the picture rearranged from tallest to shortest)

                If I just use your script many of the people in the pictures get cut off which wouldn’t do much good, and since in every picture there is a different amount of people, every picture is scaled depending on the amount. What I need is to be able to match pictures that have almost similar height and after a little editing and cropping get them to match perfectly.

                This is the end goal of doing so

                screen 2.jpg

                Thanks agoin for your help

                Martin Naydenov