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    NetStream property videoReliable


      I played around with FMS Develop and simple flashclients.


      Here's the setup:

      Flashclient A is publishing his webcam via rtmp to the FMS. On the FMS is an application running, which republishes the stream as rtmfp with videoReliable=false. After that, flashclient B will play the republished stream as an rtmfp stream.

      But as far as I can see, there is no difference if videoReliable is set to true or false.


      In both cases, the same amount of messages is been send, and bitrates are equal, too.

      Even if I play the stream as an rtmp stream it will take up less bandwidth,



      How should I use videoReliable? It feels like, they are taking the advantages of UDP out of it.


      Thanks for answering.