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    Still image sequence animation

    neviknella Level 1

      Hi all,

      New to AE and not from a video background, just  stills  experience, so expect dumb questions.

      I have seen on Youtube a demo with the twixtor plugin, where a couple of still images taken seconds apart have been made to look like a slow mo movie, the software generated the inbetween frames to make a movie.

      Does AE have a version of this built in? I have a sequence of stills with about a second between each shot, I have plated with timewarp but can not get a movie out of it. I gave each shot a frame value of 00.01, which gives me about a 1/2 second clip at 25fps, I had hoped time warp could do something like twixtor, but alas no, unless of course I'm not doing it correctly.

      So short question is it possible in AE 5.5 to get a version of the twixtor effect?

      The sequence is a batch of aerials I shot to try this out.

      I have done a search for the answer without any luck.