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    Folio Builder: An error has occurred opening the source file for the article layout.

    Steve Kelly

      I have been working on a Folio. When I sat down to work on my folio, I was instructed by indesign to update my Folio producer tools, which I did.


      Since then I can no longer view any article layout from that folio in indesign. Indeed any folio that I create that does not reside on my desktop give the same problem. I can import articles, add articles and they all upload to the proper place at adobe and I can view them. But I simply cannot open them up through folio builder as I previously.



      The exact error message is as below:




      An error has occurred opening the source file for the article layout.

      The InDesign file for the layout cannot be found.

      Screen shot 2011-11-14 at 13.25.13.png



      Another strange thing that seems to be happening is that the folio will randomly reoder the articles in the folio.


      I have dumped my indesign prefs, tried creating an entirely new project, made a new account and even reinstalled the entire software.


      But the problem of opening an article that I have imported or added to a folio, simply not being found to open has got me stumped. I can't proceed with a major project until I can sort this out.


      Can anyone help.


      Many thanks





      The problem initially seemed very similar to the one linked below, but I dont get the content generation error