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    Clicktag brain fart or idea?

    Ida Engmark Level 1

      Hey All,


      I was looking over the specs for navigateToURL unless I'm missing something the default action is to open in a new window (ref)

      "If you do not specify a value for this parameter, a new empty window is created. In the stand-alone player, you can either specify a new ("_blank") window or a named window. The other values don't apply."


      Has anyone tried if emmitting the _blank parameter in clickTAG for adservices can fix the issue that some browsers have with pop-up blockers?


      I don't have any banners currently in the making, so no real option to test myself. But why exactly do we have to specify "_blank" if this is in fact the default behaviour for the navigateToURLmethod? It may as the title states just be a brain fart on my side and me missing the obvious answer, so if any would care to enlighten me, that would be grand