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    Is installing Flash Player updates a Usability nightmare? YES.


      Adobe, which prides itself on user interfaces and rich user experiences, pushes Flash player updates at users on a regular, sometimes irritating, basis. I am pretty sure that Adobe purposes makes reading the mandatory, non-opt out terms in as big of an irritating, counter-intuitive and painful process as possible so that NO end user EVER reads it. Is Adobe trying to hide something? Or is it that you ignore all the rules of User Interface Design and Web Usability in making your own website?


      Currently, you have the following process for installing Flash Player updates (11.1):


      1. To install, you must agree to the terms fo the Flash Player License Agreement. Clicking Read the license here.causes a new browser to open. With AIR available, or just standard C++ dialog functionality, why are we having to open a new browser? The dialog box doesn't say (like older software) that a new window will open. I'll go with the ease of having agreements on a webpage. I click and wait for a new browser to open.
      2. Firefox opens and goes to a page with ALL of the Adobe products listed, in painfully small 8pt Arial.
      3. The link from the dialog has an anchor in it, but with so many listings on the page, I still need to double check to find the Flash Play links.
      4. I then have to look back at the dialog to see which version is trying to install.
      5. I click the Flash Player 11 link and unless I hover over it and realize the link is pointing to a PDF and stop, yet another tab or window opens to load the PDF.
      6. First try? PDF doesn't open at all.
      7. Second try? It does open, but its in either Arabic, or Hebrew.  Not sure which, since I speak English.
      8. Third try? The file is corrupted and could not be loaded.


      At this point, I still haven't read the terms.  Not good.


      You have my email address if you want to contact me for further feedback.