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    [CS5 Java Corba] Export PDF as PNG - Error 111626 : This is not a valid InDesign Interchange documen




      i have java web application, that use indesign server to export idml files as PDF.


      The workflow:

      1. open the idml file

      2. export the idml as pdf

      3. close the idml file


      Sometimes this error occured: Error 111626 : Server cannot open the idml file. This is not a valid InDesign Interchange document.

      When this error occures, aftert that the indesign server sends the same error for all following idmls, that I try to export. 

      The consequent is that I have to stop the server and start it again.


      I just have this behaviour only with this error code. For all others errors the server works fine and export all idmls correctly.

      What can I do. I don't want to restart the server everytime.


      Can you help me ?


      Thanks + Cheers