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    File missing




      I've been working with an InDesign book file for the past month with no problems. Suddenly, this morning, I open the book file and every chapter is followed by a red circle with a white questionmark. When I click on each individual file in the book file, I get a "File.indd is missing. Do you want to replace it with a new document?'


      Is there any way to recover/find my files? I've been opening the files from the book, so I do not see that they exist separately from the book file.


      Is there anything I could have done to avoid this error?




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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          A book file is simply a small file where InDesign stores the paths to the actual INDD files within the book. (It also stores a little bit of extra metadata information, but nothing important). So the real question is what happened to your real INDD files that were referenced from the book.


          Did you store them on removable media, on a network volume, or on a hard drive that failed recently? Does hovering over the paths in the Book window tell you where they were? Does it ring a bell?


          There is no way to recover those files from the book file, the book file is just a small collection of references.


          If the INDD files are present, rebuilding the book should be the work of a moment.

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            Louley_33 Level 1

            Thank you, you answered my question. I was able to go to the Document Information option in the book menu and find the path.