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    Ripple Delete for PE9 (Mac)


      I have many very short clips on 15 different time lines.  Due to my editing process, most clips do not abut each other.   How do I delete the gaps on each timeline or for all timelines at once.  I cannot find a Ripple Delete dropdowon or button.  This is on PE 9 on a Mac.  Thank you.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          I am a bit lost, when you say "clips on 15 different timelines..." as PrE will only allow one Timeline per Project (PrPro will allow for multiple Sequences, that are in effect, multipe Timelines, though only one is displayed at a time). Do you mean 15 separate Video Tracks?


          If one has multiple Clips on a single Video Track, and they do not abut, if there is no Video, or Audio covering the gaps, then one can Rt+click on a gap, and choose Delete and Close Gap.


          However, if one has, say 15 Clips, and each is on a separate Video Track, the only way to do this would be to make sure that Snap was turned ON, and then start at the beginning of the Timeline, click+dragging each Clip, starting at # 2, to the left, until they Snap to the End Point of the preceeding Clip, and repeat for all following Clips.


          What would be your purpose for placing each Clip onto a separate Video Track? Multiple Video Tracks are used to Composite Video, say a Title over Video on Video Track 1, or a PiP (Picture in Picture), where one would have a "background" Video, and then a smaller, or partially Transparent Video above it. Just curious.


          Good luck, and let us know a bit more, and perhaps post a screen-cap of your Timeline.



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            Nedvid Level 1

            Is this reply public or private to Hunt?


            Ned T. Himmelrich



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              Nedvid Level 1

              Public, I see.


              Here's what I am doing and why.  I am creating a retirement video and asking 25 people the same 15 questions.  My first phase is to cull out of the raw footage the core answers for each person for each question.  So as to consolidate the horizontal space and efficiently drag the good clips into an organized framework, I have created one audio/video track for each question.   (The simultaneous overlay tracks currently create a cacophony, but have inspired a great overlay effect for the intro.)  I currently have 15 A/V tracks with at least 20 clips per track.  To be efficient, I have dragged the clips on each A/V track fairly close together, but have not worried about having them touch.  Once I get all of the answers categorized in their own track, I will then move them in order horizontally in clumps to the main Timeline, where I then will have to whittle about 100 minutes of "good" answers into a 10 minute clip. 


              So I will have 2 instances of wanting to remove multiple gaps:  (1) on each of the current 15 A/V tracks so as to make review of them more manageable and (2) on the main Timeline as I go through the effort of taking out the extra 90 minutes.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                The Reply is to the forum, so it's very public.


                There is a function, Private Message, or PM, that is provided by Adobe, but I hardly ever use that. I just access the forums via a Web browser.


                Now, you might have gotten an e-mail notification (depending on how you have things setup), but that would basically be, "someone replied to your thread in the forums... " As I have all e-mail notifications turned OFF for the Adobe Forums, I do not know what the exact syntax is any more, and the forums have changed several times, since I last had it ON.



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  There is no way to do this globally, Ned. You'll need to remove them one at a time. Sorry.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Thank you for that clarification. Now it all makes sense to me.


                    Unfortunately, as you WILL have Clips above others, that will preclude the use of the Rt-click, "Delete and Close Gap" method. Having any Clips (Audio, or Video) above where a gap exists, eliminates that method.


                    Now, one can "lasso," basically Select with the cursor, multiple Clips, and drag them as one. With Snap ON, if one dragged a group of Clips, say on Video Track 2, to the left, or to the right, the program would Snap them to the Head, or Tail of another Clip, either above, or below Video Track 2. However, with so many Clips on so many Video Tracks (plus Audio Tracks), the Clips that you are moving will be Snapping to everything - can be very frustrating.


                    I think that I would start with one Video Track and its Clips, either Video Track 1, or perhaps the topmost Video Track, and then manually abut them, after I had done any necessary Trimming (basically setting the In and Out Points of the Clip(s) as necessary, or desired), and then tightening everything up. When done, I'd move to the next Video Track, and do the same thing.


                    Obviously, you will want to end up with say the Clips on Video Track 1 starting at 00;00;00;00 (unless you add something like a Title, Black Video, or other), and ending where those Clips end. Then, on the next Video Track, your Clips will start, where the previous ones ended, and so on. If one were to look at the Video Tracks, this would appear like "stair steps."


                    Once you have the Clips arranged on their Video Track, and then have moved them en masse to begin, where the previous one ended, things will be a lot easier. Snap will be easier to deal with, and will be so very useful.


                    Now, PrPro makes such an arrangement easier, in that it allows one to do Sequences, and each has its own Timeline. The user would put their 25 Q&A sessions into 25 Sequences, and edit each Sequence completely. Then, one could use various methods to combine all into one Timeline. One method would be to create a "master Sequence", and then Copy from each of the individual Sequences, Pasting into the "master." Another method would be to use Sequence Nesting, but one would still need to "stagger" the material, in the Nested Sequence, so that each did not overlay another. I often employ that first method, in some of my productions, where each "segment" has it own Sequence and Timeline, and then I combine them onto a "master" Sequence/Timeline. However, that method is ONLY availabe in PrPro, and not PrE.


                    I keep tryig to come up with an "easy" way for you to work on your Project, to keep Clips on one Audio Track totally free from others, but PrE lacks Track Locking (like PrPro has, and like I have filed Feature Requests for), and also lacks the full capabilities of Track Targeting, like PrPro has, so I see no way, but manually moving Clips about on their respective Video Tracks, and then creating that "stair step" layout.


                    As I use PrPro much more than PrE, I might be missing something here, but you might explore Grouping, where you Select Clips, and on the same Video Track, and choose Group. I think of that with more vertical Grouping, so do not know if it will be effective when Grouping horizontally?


                    Maybe others can offer some tips, or suggestions, to make life easier for you, and I will keep thinking, in case something triggers in my mind.


                    Good luck, and great question - you've really got me thinking on this one!