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    PNGs from Premiere to PhotoShop


      First, I apologize upfront for not knowing the proper nomenclature. I'm hoping this is a basic question for those that know the answer. Since this question deals with both Premiere and PhotoShop, I posted the question in both forums.


      Ok, this is a combo question that involves both Premiere and PhotoShop (cs5). While in Premiere, I'll take a PNG pic of a frame so that I can then rotoscope it. When I open it in PhotoShop, the image is no longer in the 16/9. It is the same height, but the width has been compressed. When I am finished with the file and reimport it to Premiere, it has the wrong look. I can monkey with the image by  unlinking the scale (something like 94% to 140%). That tricks it to be acceptable for my uses, but it would never work for real life images.


      My question is... is there a better setting to choose when taking a frame capture to avoid this? I must be making an elementary mistake that I am unaware of.


      Thanks for your time... hope

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Start reading on PAR, pixel aspect ratio. Your source material is probably not using square pixels in PR and PS is interpreting them as square pixels. Hence the distortion.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Along with Harm's comments (sounds like a PAR issue to me too), PS will ONLY display Square Pixels, but should warn you, if the Image is using Non-Square Pixels. PS, as of version CS, can work well with Non-Square Pixels, regardless of how it displays them.


            First, in PrPro, check the Properties of your Video Clip. Determine what the PAR is.

            Then, I would use TIFF, as it handles Non-Square Pixels well. Not all Image formats can deal with Non-Square Pixels.

            After you have done the Export of that Frame, Open it in PS, and again, check the PAR, Image>Pixel Aspect Ratio.

            Edit, as is needed, and then I would Save_As PSD from PS, and Import that into PrPro.


            For some background on PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio), see this ARTICLE.


            Good luck,




            PS - I'll post to your PS Forum thread too, so that others might be helped by the answer.


            [Edit] For display on non-Square Pixels in PS, one can turn OFF Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction under View.


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