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    wind noise


      I have captured old high 8 footage in pp cs5.  Some clips have wind noise.  I need to reduce it.  I have soundbooth but it required unlinking, editing original clip, and not the trimmed timeling clip, and then recoupling.  Must be a better process.  What should I really do?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          This can be very tough, and might require both some experimentation, and then maybe some compromises.


          This ARTICLE might offer some tips.


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            glosstud Level 1

            Sorry my system is down at the moment ( see my post losing video previews) but is ther not a noise gate function in PP that can be used to cut out noise at a certain level.


            Me myself I would use a third party app ( I am a cubase user ) and would import all into cubase and manually take out what was not needed. Then save the file with the whole clip adjusted. As Mr H said ther are some good free apps that can help without the expense. But my background is audio.


            Gotta dash but my osx has just loaded and I have some debugging to do myself.