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    How can I get the checked item from a list that is generated automatically?


      I am still pretty new a CF and could really use some help. I am trying to get each item that is checked from a page that generates the list automatically from a query and get the associated textbox text with it. For example:


                          <!--- Start Get Data Hierarchy List--->
                                    <cfquery datasource="MyDatasource" name="qry_GetData">
                                              SELECT C.taxonomy_id, C.lvl, C.taxonomy_name, C.taxonomy_tree, C.taxonomy_guid, C.taxonomy_standard_name
                                              FROM dbo.taxonomy AS P
                                              JOIN dbo.taxonomy AS C
                                                        ON P.taxonomy_id = 21
                                                        AND C.hid.IsDescendantOf(P.hid) = 1
                                                        AND C.lvl = 3
                          <!--- Start Get Data Hierarchy List--->


      <cfloop query="qry_GetData">

      <input type="checkbox" name="cbox_PE_SelTax#taxonomy_id#" value="#taxonomy_name#"><font size="4" color="3399FF"> #taxonomy_name#</font>

      <br />

           - Details of experience with #taxonomy_name#:<input name="tbox_PE_SelTax#taxonomy_id#" id="tbox_PE_SelTax#taxonomy_id#" size="50%">

      <br />

      <br />