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    iSCSI interface for video editing?

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

      No, I've not died... just been out of the video world for a while at work and slowly making my way back into it. We just finished a massive web project here, and now that it's done I'm being freed up to get back into video stuff.


      Anyway, to cut to the chase of this post, I'm once again out of space using the internal drives on my system and need to expand more. One of my co-workers recommended the DroboPro to me, but my concern is that it is connected via iSCSI which uses gigabit ethernet, and I'm worried that it won't have the speed to handle my footage for editing purposes, especially the RED Raw files I'm working with. Does anyone have experience with drives connected via iSCSI or any suggestions for expandable storage options that I could use (i.e., a bay like the DroboPro where I can add drives as I grow)? The DroboS offers eSATA which I'm more comfortable using, but it's only got 5 drive bays, not 8, so it's not as future proof as the DroboPro would be.


      To refresh (since it's been forever since I've posted here), my current storage specs are:

      1x 250GB OS/Programs

      1x 500GB Graphics/Photos/Audio/Pagefile

      1x 1TB Projects/Scratch Disk

      3x 1TB RAID-0 Data


      I'm also employing a 4TB WD external RAID-0 over eSATA for continuous backup of my Graphics/Photo drive, Projects drive, and a portion of my data drive, and a 2TB Fantom drive for offsite backup of working projects.


      My hope is that I can convince my VP to give me enough money to get an expandable storage option that will give me at least an additional 4TB immediately and have the ability to expand up to 16TB+ over time. Something like the Drobo that sacrifices some space for protection would be nice, especially for someone that doesn't understand enough about RAID to manage his own customized RAID array.


      Thanks y'all! And I hope to be more active here in the coming months!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Hi David,


          Good to have you back. Only your timing is lousy with the prices of disks having more than doubled over the past weeks.


          First, the recommended Drobo is great for backups but nothing else. It's JBOD-like approach is just too slow, especially over a single NIC. iSCSI is only the interface and contributes nothing to the transfer speed and will be way too slow for RED material. What I think you should look at is:


          1. A dedicated raid controller like Areca ARC-1880 or LSI,

          2. A 5+ raid 3 or 5 of 1 TB Samsung F3's for your data. No Caviar Blacks here, but the Hitachi 7K3000 series are a valid alternative for the Samsung F3's.

          3. Lose the 4 aid0 over eSATA for backups, because it is way too insecure. Convert that to a raid3/5 from the dedicated raid controller in 1 or choose the next point.

          4. Consider an iSCSI NAS from QNAP or Thecus for backups and offline storage.

          5. Keep your 250 and 500 disks as they are.


          For background on raids: Adobe Forums: To RAID or not to RAID, that is the...

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            davidbeisner2010 Level 3

            Thanks Harm, I knew I could count on you for quick and helpful advice. I was blown away over the last few hours as I've been pricing out disks... any idea why the sudden skyrocket in price???


            One concern I have with something like the Areca is that my editing rig is basically maxed out on drive capacity, and my power supply is probably close to maxed out as well, so I'm leery of trying to stuff more drives in there, not only for power considerations, but also because of heat concerns. Is there an entirely external solution that you'd recommend which could be connected via eSATA?

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              davidbeisner2010 Level 3

              Just pulled the panel off my system to verify what I have available to me...


              • I have one PCIe slot left to use, though it's going to crowd my GTX-285 to use it
              • All 8 SATA ports are full (six WD Caviar Black drives, a DVD burner and a Blu-Ray burner)
              • 700 Watt PSU driving 8 SATA devices, GTX-285, i7-920 Processor, and 12 GB of Ram on a P6T6 WS Revolution motherboard with additional cards for wireless, USB, and Firewire ports.
              • One eSATA port left (use it off-and-on for my offsite drive, but I could use Firewire instead).
              • No drive bays left, so even if I could add them, I'd have to manufacture my own bays.


              So, in light of that, how would I utilize an Areca card? Is there a way put the card in this system and then house the drives in a different box with a different PSU? And is my 700W PSU overtaxed as it is, without adding the Areca card?


              Should I perhaps trade in my four 1TB Caviar Black Drives for 2TB drives and keep everything internal? But doing so would not be as future-proof as I'd like, so that may not be the best option... :-(

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                Harm Millaard Level 7



                The price increases were attributed to the floodings in Thailand, that caused a shortage of components for the PCB's, which was IMO an overreaction and a marketing trick to decrease the gap in $/GB between conventional disks and SSD's. The first price decreases for conventional disks became apparent today here, correcting the panicky reaction that the market has shown. This was allegedly led by Seagate, who was hit the worst by the flooding and shortages.


                External solutions require their own case, PSU, ventilation, disk mounts, etc, so it is doubtful if that that is the more affordable way to go. You may be better off with a bigger case, a better PSU and more fans and possibly with drive cages for hot-swappable disks like Supermicro. See here: http://greenleaf-technology-hwandsw.blogspot.com/2011/02/5-in-3-hot-swap-drive-cage-review .html

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                  davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                  Thanks, Harm. I'm thinking that going the route with the drive cages isn't going to really work very well... my VP just told me that he really didn't have any money available, but that I should go ahead and submit some options and prices to him. I'm thinking the best option would be to just simply replace my current internal drives (all 1TB) with larger ones, or else get another external eSATA option. Would something like the FantomDrives DataDock II 4TB drive work, or would it suffer from the same internal transfer speed issues as the Drobo? Unfortunately I'm extremely crunched on price, and probably won't get clearance for more than $1000, if that.

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                    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                    And do you anticipate drive prices coming back down at all soon?

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                      davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                      Is USB 3.0 "approved" for video editing? It boasts speeds of up to 5Gbps, but I know I'll never actually see that... I'm looking at a 12TB Buffalo external drive that uses USB 3.0. I don't have USB 3.0 on my mobo, but PCIe USB3.0 cards are fairly cheap, it seems.


                      I can't find any info on the disks that Buffalo uses, though, and that worries me. I did find an 8TB one with eSATA from G-Tech that uses the Hitatchi Deskstar line, so I assume those disks are good. Are you at all familiar with Buffalo and the disks they utilize? The price of the Buffalo 12TB is the same as the G-Tech 8TB, so I'm assuming that the disks may not be enterprise class...

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        Did you notice that my name is not Warren Buffet?

                        If I were to know where the market prices would go, I would either go long or short, leverage with put and call options or go straddled, but would not yet tell others. Kind of a NDA.

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                            6-9 months of high priced HDDs!