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    Build Suggestions For Medium-Difficult Codec, Economical & Up Budget

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      Hi folks,

      Wow like many here, I've been reading through Harm's posts to try to prepare myself for hte task of recommending specs on a new editing tower to replace the one with specs listed below, which was originally purchased to run Avid MC/Nitris DX.  We are moving away from Avid as quickly as possible and are already editing via CS5 on the same tower, though CS5's operation has proved more troublesome on this tower system than working from a laptop station.  This original tower HPZ400 was the recommended set up provided by Avid and purchased just before the beginning of my employment at this production house.  It is certainly proving inadequate for the tasks which I require. 




      Currently we are editing three different types of HD media including: P2 MXF, Ikegami MPEG-2 MXF and JVC MP4.  We would need to integrate our current RAID 0 and Blackmagic Multibridge Eclipse for the occasional analog/digital conversion  My edits often require multiple layers of both audio and video, as well as '3D' and a plethora of other graphics.  I love using Dynamic Linking, but struggle with its consistency on this tower system.  For example, I currently have a linked composition which plays back in PPro just fine, nice and smooth, but after saving and closing the AE project I am no longer able to access that original AE project.  AE crashes immediately upon opening the project in question.  When I transferred the project to my laptop station the issue was resolved.  Here are the specs on my mobile work station for comparison.




      The i7 has done me well it seems, and I think I would like to incorporate that into the new tower.  Can folks provide some potential system build recommendations?  Still trying to wrap my head aroudn it all.  I'm going to attempt to come up with a potential build myself as well for feedback here, but thought I would start with the advice of others.  I have a feeling I missed some system spec details that are needed here for proper assessment.  Please let me know and I will go back and gather that information.

      Thanks for any and all input,