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    Robohelp 9 and PointSec Security

    mcallit82 Level 1

      Recently PointSec was installed on my computer at work. After its installation, I opened one of our largest projects that is using the resource manager to link images and snippets. There are about 400 images and nearly 1000 snippets in the project. Prior to the installation, Robohelp would sync this project in about 3-4 minutes. After the installation, I tried to sync the project with the resource manager and it would not sync. It sat for nearly 30 minutes, and then Robohelp crashed.


      Has anyone else encountered a problem where Robohelp didn't sync the project? I tried re-installing Robohelp, but that didn't work. I even got a new computer (has PointSec installed), but it also refuses to sync. Any suggestions?