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    Cannot print WebHelp topics in Firefox 8 and Expand/Collapse button not functioning


      I'm using RoboHelp HTML version to generate WebHelp output. In the WebHelp output file, the Print and Expand/Collapse toolbar buttons are not functioning in Firefox 8. Table of Contents, Index, Glossary display fine in Firefox/IE. Print and Expand/Collapse buttons work fine in IE.  Do I need to enable a Firefox 8 setting (our QA dept tried enabling/disabling multiple Firefox options but didn't fix the problem)? Or, could this be a matter of editing a JavaScript file in the RoboHelp output files?


      Basically, if you press the Print toolbar button in the WebHelp output, nothing happens - no error and no Print dialog appears as it does in IE.


      Pressing the Expand/Collapse toolbar button in the WebHelp output does not expand/collapse the drop-down text in a topic as it does in IE.


      Any suggestions much appreciated!