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    Linked Files in InDesign Now Modified after Daylight Savings Change


      I looked for a discussion on this and couldn’t find one so if there is one already open please direct me to it and my apologies.


      I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem after the Daylight Savings Time Change on November 6th.


      Starting on Monday, November 7th we have noticed that all of our InDesign files that had artwork files linked to the document are now coming up as being modified in the Links pallet even though that artwork has not been modified. I haven’t recalled having this issue since we were using Quark 4 and InDesign CS.


      All files are stored on Windows servers running ExtremeZIP, all InDesign files are being opened on Mac Intel and Mac PowerPc models running either OSX 10.4 or OSX 10.6. All servers and Macs are sinc’d to pull the date and time from the same server and we verified that they are matching to the second.


      We get the same results if the files are opened in InDesign CS4, CS5 or CS5.5.


      Is anyone else seeing this issue and if so have you been able to rectify it without updating all the links and saving the files.


      I’ve been searching everywhere and I have found tech notes from Adobe that states that this issue was fixed in CS4.0.6 but we are running this version and still suffering from the problem.


      Any help would be appreciated.