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    Extend a SWC Theme? Multiple CSS Files for a SWF Theme?


      We have a suite of apps and several dynamically-loaded themes (all flex 4.x).  Currently, app-specific theming is coded right along-side the core Flex theming in a single project.  I would like to separate the Core Flex css, skins, etc. into a base theme project and add app-specific customizations in dependent "sub-projects".  This way, if an app has custom components and theming, this code does not have to be placed into the common theme which all applications use.


      I obviously do not want to manage multiple copies of the base theming code in the sub-projects and would prefer not to have to post and fetch code from a repository at build time.  The best case scenario would be to use the base theme SWC as a library and extend its embedded CSS file with another project-specific CSS file.  Alternatively, I would be willing to just manage the app-specific theming in separate CSS files (e.g. theme1Core.css, app1.css, app2.css) in one theme project and build multiple versions of the theme (e.g. theme1-app1.swf, theme1-app2.swf)


      Has anyone had any luck with this level of theme reuse?  The major limitation seems to be compiling multiple CSS files into a single theme SWF.  The flex ant tasks do not seem to support multiple file arguments to allow multiple css files in a single SWF and I cannot find any mention of an include directive in Flex css to reference a base CSS file.


      Thanks in advance.