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    "colouring" a masked region

    Eliminateur Level 1


      i'm racking my head on a -possibly stupid- problem:

      I have a rotobrushed video that i need to TINT to a certain colour (magenta) and then apply some effects.

      so what i have so far is (in this order):

      • rotobrushed matte "part"
        saturation to 0% to get it to grayscale
        Glow effect
      • Magenta solid, luma matte "part"
      • background image and other layers below



      The problem is that if there isn't any layer below it works great, but as soon as something is put in the layer below, instead of a solid matte the result is semi-transparent (like if the opacity where set to 80%).

      i've tried putting a black solid before the BG image to no avail.


      any ideas?


      here it is the wrong one


      right one:


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I'm sorry, your screenshots are useless. Upload them at full size. Nobody can see anything in those downsized versions. There could be a million reasons for this, the most likely one something with processing order of mattes and effects. Have you simply considered pre-composing parts of it, in particulkar the matte before the tint?



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            Eliminateur Level 1

            Mylenium, if you click on them they open at full size (just checked because i uploaded them at full size), copypasting the link of the image also works for example: http://forums.adobe.com/servlet/JiveServlet/showImage/2-4025931-91949/correct.jpg


            hadn't thought about precomposing before the tint as that matte is a single layer anyway.

            but it doesn't hurts to try so i'm going to do some testing with precomposing when i get back tonight

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Yes, it works now. Strangely it didn't work this morning on my machine at work. I'm just wondering - why Luma matte, not Alpha matte? If, as you say, you used Rotobrush, that would be more appropriate. Your luma must not necessarily be the same as the transparency and I think that's where all your problems are coming from, no doubt further compounded once the glow is applied...



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                Eliminateur Level 1

                i tried using alpha matte but the result wasn't what i expected(i can't remember what was the result atm), the only track matte mode that resulted in a combination of the lips tinted with the solid was luma matte

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                  Dave LaRonde Level 6

                  The luma matte is causing the transparency.  An Alpha matte won't do that.


                  I also see a bunch of things on a single layer that probably don't all belong on a single layer: Warp Stabilizer, Rotobrush and Time Remapping, to name the worst offenders.

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                    Eliminateur Level 1


                    i needed to warp stabilize the footage and then rotobrush it, can't figure other way to do it but on a single layer(not simply at least).

                    hmm the time remap is on the "labios" layer, that layer doesn't has those other effects, only the TR to make a "still" frame(i couldn't find anyway to export a single frame to still but the T-R, or i could play the video on a video player and export the frame but that looks so roundabout and unelegant, but at the same time T-r does not work with warp stab which gives me headaches to go around that :S).


                    i'll try the alpha matte and see what happens...

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                      Dave LaRonde Level 6

                      Eliminateur wrote:

                      i needed to warp stabilize the footage and then rotobrush it, can't figure other way to do it but on a single layer(not simply at least).


                      Why can't you precompose the Warp Stabilized footage, and then rotobrush?  Even better, how 'bout prerendering it?

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                        Eliminateur Level 1

                        and that would've been a good idea had i thought about it before when i started the project hahaha (and i have quite a hard time deciding when it's ok to precomp and when it's not, can't quite grasp the separation)

                        never thought about prerendering it, wouldn't it entail losing quality as the origin is lossy, then rendering it(more lossy) and then reimporting it?

                        but why is it bad to have them on the same layer per se?

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                          Dave LaRonde Level 6

                          It'll render faster after prerendering.  You can prerender in a lossless codec.

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                            Eliminateur Level 1

                            ok, i'm back and trying your suggestions.

                            1) selected the matte layer and precomposited it, so far so good.

                            2) now i have the precomp and under it the magenta solid, i select alpha matte and the effect is a FULL fill of magenta solid(which is technically correct), but it loses all the details i had on the lips which is not what i want:


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                              Eliminateur Level 1

                              Thanks to your feedback guys and some toying around thinking "if i use luma matte it's semi-transparent(as Dave pointed), but it works with a black background!", so how can i put a black background on the lips only....

                              and after mulling and mulling i knew i was missing that piece that linked all together... and the lighbulb came on!

                              what i did was:

                              1. precomp the matte layer (thks to mylenium tip)
                              2. duplicate the matte (now i have 2 desaturated mattes)
                              3. then added a magenta solid and a black solid(below each layer respectively)
                              4. luma matted the magenta over the top layer and then alpha matted the black over the dupe
                                what this achieved is a solid black lip that's perfect as background for the semi-transparent composite!


                              i'm sure there's probably a much nicer way to do this, but it works!

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                                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                You need to use a blend mode on your magenta solid to pick up the detail of the lips layer. EZ as that. I'd try Color. It should work perfectly.


                                Layers should look like this:


                                1. Roto'd lips visibility off

                                2. Majenta solid with Roto'd lips as a track matte with blend mode set to Color

                                3. Rotoed lips copy

                                4. The rest of your comp