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    no access to inspiration browser?

    IDno9 Level 1

      hi there


      forgive my absolute compltete newbieness but i tried to install Premiere Elements 10 earlier today and it all went fine then at some point an Adobe ID page came up asking me to register and thinking I could do this later I closed it down and opened the program. 


      Thinking I'd just have a play first I found myself viewing all the video files on my pc in a window with a preview pane on the right.   Towards the end of these were what looked like tutorial/example files for prem elements, a guy gainst a background with various colour shift/blur effects etc, and then at the end a slick intro type movie with zoom pan in and flashing effects and logo. It looked great in the preview window and i thought i must come back to it later and check it out.  For now i just loaded a couple of my vids.


      I spent the rest of the day trying to find these videos again, there was no tutorial link in the help menu to them and I couldn't seem to find the same browsing all my videos window again anywhere, only folder browsers (in elements or the organiser).


      After much googling I then found out about the advantages of the Adobe ID and the inspiration browser. However it says it should appear on the help menus of elements and the organiser and it doesn't on mine.  It also mentions at the welcome screen it should give you the option to log on which will make the inspiration browser option appear but this doesn't happen.   I've tried, signing up for and into the Adobe ID, registering the product and still I don't get the inspiration browser or any info about all the other benefits like online storage etc?  It seems I can't link my ID with Adobe Premiere Elements?


      I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, though read somewhere that I shouldn't remove my preferences/deactivate if I wanted to reinstall on the same machine so I left them and of course nothing changed or refreshed.  If I removed my preferences and deactivate can i start again and reinstall?


      So not having a clue yet i would have very much appreciated access to the tutorials etc. and it has taken the shine off spending the day trying to find them.


      Any ideas how I can solve the prob and get my inspiration browser/video browser window/ID logon screen back?  Any help greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The easiest way is to go to the Elements Organizer's Help menu and select Inspiration Browser.


          Meantime, if you'd like you can start with my free 8-part Basic Training tutorials on Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com.


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            IDno9 Level 1

            Thanks for your answer Steve. 


            However that is my point, the is NO listing under the elements help menu for inspiration browser, nor can i access tips and tricks.  The help menu only includes:  Elements organiser help, getting started, key concepts, support, video tutorials, forum,  about elements organizer, legal notices, system info, updates,elements organizer online, and adobe improvement program.  That's it!  No Inspiration browser.


            I am so fustrated now I am at the point of uninstalling, removing preferences, and deactivating and starting over again.  Will this however prevent me from reinstalling on this pc though?


            Depressed.  Please help someone?






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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Sorry this is a dealbreaker for you -- but it is in there!


              Have you tried the steps in this thread from last week?



              The link to the Inspiration Browser is in a sub-menu under the Elements listing you say you see under the Help menu.

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                IDno9 Level 1

                Hi Steve, despite your insistence the inspiration browser is nowhere to be found and remains a mystery wrapped in an enigma!  


                You say it's 'in a sub-menu under the Elements listing you say you see under the Help menu.'  There is nothing listed under ANY sub-menu apart from the 2 options, Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements.   Can you also be more specific?  The "Elements listing'?  I list 3,  Elements organiser help, About elements organizer, and Elements organizer online, none of which have any sub menu at all!   Or are you referring to Premiere Elements itself rather than the Organiser, which still includes no mention of the Inspiration Browser, or any sub menus at all?


                Not being able to get any answer as to whether it was safe to uninstall, removing my user profile and deactivating the product before re-installing it again on the same PCin my frustration I risked i, then ran CC cleaner a few times and deleted any remaining folders, hoping it would clear out the cache and allow me to reinstall cleanly and trigger the Adobe ID/Inspiration Browser sign up/sign in screen again, but though it installed fine, no screen appeared and it obviously had some record on the system still as when I opened up organiser there were the 3 video files I'd opened after the first install.  Seems I cannot do a clean install or connect/install Adobe ID/Inspiration Browser to Premiere Elements in any way now?


                I did check out the other post.


                I am at no time given any option of signing in to Adobe ID at the Welcome screen (though I was when I initially installed) or sign in to or install any inspiration browser, and clicking on the Elements Help Menu under Complete/Update Adobe ID Profile (Complete what?  Already registered!  No clues when I sign in!)  gives me the option to sign in but doesn't make any difference when I then click on the organiser from Elements.  Still no Inspiration Browser appears on the menu!!! 


                I have Air fully installed, but have no idea where or when I was supposed to install the inspiration browser, whether or not it's connected with Premiere Elements (even though that's where I'm supposed to access it.) or somehow weirdly linked with Photoshop.com, and who I'm supposed to go to to get help with an issue that no-one seems to know anything about or claim ownership of?  


                I would like it though.  Especially since no-one seems to be able to tell me how to get it!  The frustration of not being able to get a clear answer is clouding my initial enthusiasm in using the product I have to say.  Three days later I would prefer to be having fun.


                Where do I download it from?  Does it actually exist as a seperate entity?  Is there anyone knowlegeable about it I can talk to?  Is it possible to completely remove all traces of Premiere Elements so I can start again and hope it all integrates this time?


                Please Help...someone?

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                  IDno9 Level 1

                  Btw if I go toAdobe it says:


                  Inspiration browser

                  The Inspiration Browser lets you access and organize tutorials that contain ideas and creative ways to do more with your video projects.

                  In the Adobe Premiere Elements Welcome screen, sign in with your Adobe ID, and then click Tips and Tricks.


                  There is NO screen to sign in with my Adobe ID at the Welcome screen!


                  and in Inspiration browser Section on Photoshop Elements page ...


                  To launch the Inspiration Browser, do any of the following: 

                  •   In either the Editor or the Organizer, click the icon or words that appear in the lower-right area of the status bar. A small dialog opens with options. 


                  •   Double-click the Photoshop.com Inspiration Browser icon on your computer desktop. You must have Photoshop Elements running when double-clicking the icon.


                  I have no icon!  Am I supposed to with Premiere Elements?  That suggests it's an external program but where do I get it from and will that restore my sign in Adobe ID screen at the Welcome page?



                  Also as well as the Inspiration Browser I have appear to have NO access to :


                  'Now that you've signed in with your Adobe ID you can get so much more out of Adobe Premiere Elements.


                  Automatic Online Backup

                  2GB of Online video and photo storage

                  Tuorial Tips and Tricks

                  Automatic syncing of your video clips and photos on multiple computers

                  Access to your videos and photos online at Photoshop.com

                  A personal URL for sharing your video and photo albums


                  Nice promise! Where exactly are all these to be found?  I don't get a sign in screen and if I go and find one manually I still don't get access to any of these and Premiere Elements doesn't seem to know I have an Adobe ID?


                  Can anyone help or direct me to someone who can?  I reached this page from the organiser itself so I was hoping there might be!



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    First, I'd recommend you contact Adobe. Something is very wrong on your system, and you should talk to the people resonsible -- not us civilians.


                    You can reach Adobe and tech support by clicking the Contact Adobe button at the bottom of this page.


                    As for the Inspiration Browser, you can always reach it manually at http://www.photoshop.com/ under the learning menu. If you sign in with the login you created on the Welcome Page of one of your Adobe products (or by clicking the Sign In link at the top of the interface for Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements or the Organizer) you'll have access to your account.


                    Although ideally you should also have access directly from any of those programs. But that Adobe should be able to help you with.

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                      nealeh Level 5

                      IDno9 wrote:


                      I am at no time given any option of signing in to Adobe ID at the Welcome screen


                      When you installed what country did you select (on the same screen you entered your serial number) ?


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                        IDno9 Level 1

                        I've just noticed another post from today with regards to someone elses problem with the inspiration browser and in reply you mention that it is only available in the US!   Is this true as I am in the UK and have I spent the last 3 days trying to find something that's not available to me?   I don't have a sign in link at all!


                        And I did go to adobe tech support which brought up a number of faqs which then brought up a chat option with customer support who informed me they knew nothing about technical issues.


                        Also went to photoshop.com but the only entries under learning were :  Learning overview, tips and tutorials, spotlights and experts....no inspiration browser?


                        Do you know of any inspirational sites featuring prem elements...?  I just want some idea of what I can achieve with a bit of practise.


                        Also still can't find what looked like sample files when I first did a search for videos on my system.  I also can't find that window again which had all my thumbnail vids on the left with a preview box on the right which played the file on a loop if I clicked on it.  There was a great example file and I can't find it again.  Any ideas?


                        thanks for your help

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                          IDno9 Level 1

                          Neale...thanks for your reply...


                          i selected UK when I first installed as that is where I am.  I did however get a sign up for Adobe ID appear at some point shortly after running the program which I closed, and it is the link between this and the 'Inspiration Browser' which is causing all the confusion...If I cannot get it in the UK what was the point of obtaining the Adobe ID anyway?


                          To further add to my confusion, one of the 3rd party online tutorials starts with a screenshot of the Welcome screen with all these features available upon signing up and a login below at the bottom, but the presenter has a British accent.


                          Adobe doesn't mention anything on their site about non availability in the UK?


                          All very strange, and I'm starting to get a headache lol.

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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                            In my first post, I posted a link to my free Basic Training tutorials.


                            You can also find a number of free tutorials as well as subscribers-only advanced tutorials on Premiere Elements support site http://Muvipix.com. And they're available no matter what country you're in!


                            You can also find most of the free Inspiration Browser tutorials under the Learning tab on Photoshop.com. They won't be nicely and neatly packaged in an inspiration browser -- but they're pretty much all in there if you look for them.


                            The free ones anyway. Like Muvipix.com, the Inspiration Browser and Photoshop.com also have a subscription package that gives you access to a number of tutorials, disc menus and themes that aren't otherwise available.

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                              IDno9 Level 1

                              Thanks guys for all your help, mush appreciated!

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                                Preran Adobe Employee

                                If you are using the Welcome screen on a Windows 7 64 bit computer, see this article for info.